About Senza Carta

Senza Carta HR onboarding system has been developed by HR Professionals who understand the full spectrum of processes that are required across the employee life time and the value created for business when these processes are optimised.

Coupled with an understanding of the future demands of the Employment Experience, Senza Carta prepares HR for the future of work through next generation technology.

Underpinning these three driving passions are:

  1. Desire to contribute to the HR Profession and those who work in it by providing tools and technology that reduce the transactional aspect of HR so that they can make a greater contribution towards business
  2. Passion to see Human Resource Management play an integral role in the success of business; to see businesses succeed through the engagement and performance of employees which in turn leads to high levels of job and career satisfaction
  3. Knowledge that the future of work will be driven by technology to deliver an Employment Experience that is growing in demand and being lead by the Millennium Generation.
About Senza Carta

Human Resources is on the verge of a major disruption and it’s coming from job seekers. Making up close to 60% of the workforce by 2025, the Millennium Generation are pushing current paradigms toward life, entertainment, education and work converging.

Senza Carta is proud to be an integral part of the Future of Work.

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